A performance, using animated spongy sculptured figures, in a hut

Text and Production: Dino Arru

Creator of puppets and scenery : Donatella Mora

Animation: Donatella Mora e Laura Francioli

A microcosm of insects, butterflies and blades of grass shown as through a magnifying glass: this is the small scale universe where DAISY, a tender flower, unfolds its odyssey.

In a small black hut, the performance develops through a chain of fairy tale- like adventures, pictured by poetic and surreal images.

Day and night, the sun and the moon warm up this tiny bit of planet where the bee fights for survival and the apple - which used to be a face - gives hospitality to a white worm that soon will change into a butterfly; where the apple seed will give birth to a new tree; where the plucked daisies are left bald and sad.

Yet not everything goes along quite well: the natural struggle for survival, the human presence that is felt with all its consequences, upset this tiny space on earth, but as in every tale, a happy end is assured.

Characteristics of the performance

It is a show of images, without words

with music by Beethoven,

Rossini, Ravel, Mozart, Stravinsky, Debussy.

Technical specifications

Minimum dimensions requested: base 3 x 2.50 m., height 2.80 m.

Electrical power: 3KW/h

Absolute darkness, advisable

Duration: 45 minutes

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